Create, Represent and distribute a quality brand.

At Bebek we strive to exceed customer expectations by optimizing processes, use of technology, infrastructure and organization, solidly established to become you’re most reliable supplier. Meet the needs of our customers, based on the use of strategic, administrative and logistical cutting edge tools, valuing commitment and social responsibility to the people.

Day by day we continue to create new technologies, designs, shapes and colors, thus constantly offering products of innovation.

Our History

mouse over the dots to see some of our milestones

click the dots to see some of our milestones

2003: Bebek was founded.
Bebek first logo
2006: Opened US office.
2007: First US tradeshow (Orlando, FL).
2008: First intl' distributor.
2009: Brand Revamp.
Bebek logo
2010: Joint venture with EvenFlo©.
EvenFlo logo
2012: SenseFlo design was born.
SenseFlo logo
2014: First intl' tradeshow Honk Kong baby fair and launch of new reinvented line.
2014: SenseFlo Patent granted.
SenseFlo logo